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Air Duct Extras

Video Camera Inspection -

We offer Video Camera Inspections for your air ducts systems. Most reasons for video camera inspection is for visual confirmation of rust, holes, or collapsed air ducts. If you have had water problems, foundational issues, or heavy dust issues, a video camera inspection is the correct option. Please call us here at Black Hat Cleaning Services at 918-747-1510 for pricing of this service.

Rusty Ducts -

Are your air ducts rusty, or do you see lots of sand in your air ducts? There is an answer to this problem other than having air ducts installed overhead.  In most cases, your air ducts can be saved and relined for a fraction of the relocation of your air duct system cost. We refer and highly recommend E.C.L.S., Environmental Coating and Lining Solutions.  The product they use is elastomeric, high in Zinc which wards of mold growth, and is flexible for foundation shifting. This product is an actual application and not a primer and paint product. We only recommend E.C.L.S. due to their process, high quality product, and their exceptional way of customer service. We have experienced difficulties with cleaning the air ducts that their competitors have coated. Therefore, we have learned to recommend only the best in their field, and that is E.C.L.S. We are happy to clean E.C.L.S.’s relined air duct systems – their product is still intact and the air duct lines are easy to clean. If you need a verbal referral, please call us here at Black Hat Cleaning Services at 918-747-1510, or go to E.C.L.S. website at www.eclscoating.com, or call E.C.L.S. at 918-830-0394 for a free estimate.

Air Filtration System -

After your air ducts have been cleaned and your filters are new, make sure to keep your home or business’ breathing air purified by using the Hybrid Clean Air System by www.healthtechallergy.com.  We recommend this air purification system due to the way that it filters your breathing air. If you have any questions, please call us at 918-747-1510, option 1 to create an appointment with the Oklahoma contact for this Clean Air System.