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A beautiful fire in your fireplace makes for a warm and cozy home. But don’t let it’s beauty blind you from what could be going on inside the chimney. Ignoring your chimney can result in flue fires, improper ventilation, excessive moisture, and even worse, home fires. Your chimney could be sooty, filled with creosote, debris, birds, squirrels, or any other critters. Having your chimney inspected yearly to insure that the structure is fire ready is the way to stay protected. And having your chimney cleaned every 2 – 3 ricks of wood with good burning habits is the way that you can keep your chimney and home safe. Black Hat is your specialist in the maintenance and restoration of your chimney. Whether you have an old chimney or a new chimney, we can determine most defects that may result in chimney hazards.

Safety Inspection

* Hearth Protection
* Firebox/Grate
* Ash Container
* Damper
* Spark Screen/Doors   
* Face/Lentil

* Brickwork
* Mortar
* Flue Tiles/Stainless Steel
* Flashing
* Crown/Wash
* Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor
* Size

Wood Stove/Insert:
* Stove Pipe Conditions
* Stove Gaskets
* Installation/Thimble/Clearances NFPA  

Other Fire Safety:
* Fire Extenguisher
* Smoke Detectors
* Fire Escape Plan
* Glass Doors
* Stories
* Degree of Creosote